Time tracking with jira – a solution of 21st c. where point in time and high quality of finishing job is the most important

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Nowadays, increasingly people workindependently and they are part of large projects where they are finish task by job to make a large task. Today will be presented software which lets tracking the time of each user of your team, to collaborate with the members of the team and take part in group activities.

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This article will demonstrate software which allows you to finish great projects, collaborate with huge number of individuals and profitably completing given jobs on point in time. Time tracking with jira has been grown by Australian enterprise software company named Atlassian, INC. which is popular on Australian and international market for over 10 years.

Jira was published on the marketplace in 2002 and it is even now developed and modernized.
What are the most influential features of the product?

Jira provides a possibility to make different tasks and join it in an active way. Let’s assume that you posses a project X to finish with few colleagues from your team work.

The 1st thing you must make is to set a novel task on Jira’s dashboard. In this area you create the name of your project, point in time of finishing the task and what is the most important – you are able to make invitations to individuals you would like to cooperate with.

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Let’s look closer at the dashboard display. Here are five important sections which are the most popular while creating the assignment.

The first one is details about the assignment. There you will find the most influential dates about the task.

If You are looking for analogical information as those collected in this page, in this article ( published here You will absolutely find what You require.

Here are:
- Type of the task
- Priority
- Status

The 2nd part is a description – there you are able to give general explaination of the particular task. A detailed explaination can help you and your pals with completing the assignment without any delay.

Extras – you are able to add some pictures or films which will make you and your colleagues finish the task earlier and with no any problems.

The fourth parts are individuals – an assignee and a reporter.

The fifth and the most important are dates. Here are offered 2 dates: the date of making the task and the time of uploading.

The presented software is a solution of 21st c. where point in time and high quality of finishing job is the most important.

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